Why do we need a skatepark?

It keeps skateboarders, rollerbladers, etc. in a dedicated areas & away from public places.

Provide a safe environment for people of different ages and skill levels.

A well designed and built skatepark will attract skateboarders, etc from other surrounding towns and possibly further afield.  This could be very good for Skerries/Fingal tourism.

Local skateboards will not have to travel to other skateparks in order to skate.

Skateboarding and other such like activities are very fast growing sports in Ireland.  We should be promoting these sports, not repressing them.

A skatepark can provide a place where kids and adults can exercise, learn how to overcome obstacles & use energy creatively.

BMXing have just been accepted as an Olympic sport.  Skateboarding is also being seriously considered.  These sports are rapidly growing and should be supported and actively encouraged.

A skatepark can bring a community together.  It can channel young kids potential.  It has been proven time and time again that the build of  a skatepark can create a more positive and diverse community as young people, residence & local councils unite around a shared vision.

A skatepark is somewhere kids, teens, and adults can practice the sport they love, but in a safe environment.  A skatepark is designed in such a way that an element of safety is incorporated into the obstacles, unlike objects on the street.

A well built skatepark requires very little maintenance.  Basically, a skatepark is a one off investment that will provide the community with a safe & fun outlet for years to come.

Some of our kids in skerries could potentially be one of the best skateboarders in Ireland, Europe or even the World.  Without a skatepark to practice in, skaters can never really achieve the level of skill required to compete against other skaters.

Skateboarding was derived from surfing.  Skerries is a seaside town with many different types of surfers.  People come from many places to surf in Skerries.  If a skatepark was built in Skerries, this would add to Skerries attraction and would beneficial for tourism.